Talent at Every Level

In our investments and in our firm, we recognize nothing is more important than having the right people. FFL brings together a team of experienced and talented professionals with diverse backgrounds in operational and strategic management, investment banking, private equity investing, and consulting. Our principals have invested over $2.5 billion in over 50 companies and have over 100 years of collective experience as investors, senior operating executives, and advisors.

About FFL - History



FFL Established


Friedman Fleischer
& Lowe Capital Partners -
$333 million

Invested from
1999 to 2004
Eight portfolio companies


Friedman Fleischer
& Lowe Capital Partners II -
$811 million

Invested from
2004 to 2009
Ten portfolio companies


Friedman Fleischer
& Lowe Capital Partners III -
$1.5 billion

Invested from
2008 to 2014
Fourteen portfolio companies


FFL Capital
Partners IV -
$2.0 billion

Currently investing
from this fund
Eleven portfolio companies

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